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Walburga Weber
Vocals, Flute

born 27.05.19...

At the age of 15 I received flute tuition for the first time. Until the end of my high school time I learned to play a basic repertoire of classical music from all centuries.

After a few months of tuition I became a member of the school's orchestra where I was soon able to play solo parts. I'm especially fond of memories of performing flute concerts by Telemann, a Bach suite or dances by Bartok. Finally I joined the evening school's symphonic orchestra in my hometown where I played the second flute. We mainly worked on pieces written by classical Viennese composers.

During my time at university where I studied mathematics and physics to become a teacher I hardly found any time for playing the flute. Instead I joined the students' choir. We had lot of fun there, especially after the rehearsals...

During my time as a trainee teacher and the first years as a fully trained teacher I didn't play any music. Then in the late 70s I became a member of the newly founded teachers' band "The Late Night Booze Band". We mainly played rock music from the 60s and 70s, but also songs penned by our lead singer. I composed some solos for songs which I played on the flute and I also sang some songs myself. We mainly performed at school events with our colleagues and students being an appreciative audience. Because of stylistic differences within the band we eventually split up in 1988.

Apart from that I became friends with another music teacher and we started playing jazz music. Here we were joined by many different people on a not regular base. From time to time we still meet for sessions today.

Apart from my teaching I used to play classical music at school and conduct a variety of musical groups. For two years now I haven't done this though, because I've concentrated on a study-group working with highly intelligent students on natural science projects.

In 1994 I joined the band Zinnober. Because of a constant change of lead singers who all brought their individual taste of music and style to the band Zinnober has played a variety of different styles over the years. I have always tried to capture the spirit of songs and music with my flute playing.

My own share of singing with Zinnober is usually in background vocals. Our current programme contains only a few songs with me as lead vocalist. My favourite style in singing is blues music.

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