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Alexandra Happ
Lead vocals, percussion, guitar

born 30.10.19..

Even though Alexandra had always shown a great love for music from early age, she originally only sang amongst friends. In 1998 she decided to take vocal tuition with the soul- and gospelsinger Debbie Summers in Paderborn. Being lead vocalist with Zinnober since 1999 she concentrated - inspired by her love for Scotland - on celtic music.

Alexandra studied Gaelic Song with leading Gaelic singers like Christine Primrose, Fiona MacKenzie and Rachel Walker on the Isle of Skye. Since then she is a well appreciated guest at Ceilidhs in both Scotland and Germany and has even sung on occasions during her recent visit to Cape Breton Island. Experts on Gaelic music especially praise her waulking songs (songs which originally accompanied the waulking of tweed) and Puirt-a-beuls (mouth music) because of her power and strong feeling for rhythm.

Walburga / Theo / Stefan / Matthias